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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/"Zero Expectation = Zero Disappointment." What???
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"Zero Expectation = Zero Disappointment." What???

The person who came up with this suffered one too many unfavorable outcomes and decided to never expect good things to happen. I can almost guarantee they got all of the zero they wanted. This is one of the worst mentalities to carry through your life. If you have it, get rid of it -- fast.

In life, you always get what you expect... Eventually. The problem most people face is it doesn't come quickly enough for our short attention spans and low level of self-discipline: You start with a high level of expectation, and it doesn't happen right way or you fail in your initial attempt(s) or someone tells you it's impossible/not gonna happen or it takes a long time to see progress... then all of a sudden you drop the expectation to a lower level. Face enough negativity -- from the people around you, from your internal self-dialogue -- and you consciously or subconsciously start to expect nothing, or expect the worst.

And guess what happens then? You already know.

When you expect positive, you get positive. So easy to say, right? Here's the thing: The more ambitious or long-term your goal, the longer you have to hold it in your mind and more nothingness (i.e., lack of results) you must endure on your way there -- while still holding the strong positive expectations.

But I could sit here and tell you anything. Test this out on people you know.

Find someone you know who believes in the "zero expectations". Look at the results of this person's life. Is this what you want?
Get in touch with the most successful person you know. Ask that person if they expected their success and if they expect more of it. Let me know what they say.

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