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Your Presentation Is Your Price 💎🏯

I take my son on a walk every evening.

Lately, I noticed a condominium sales gallery along the way, tucked into a corner of a soon-to-be shopping strip.

A condo sales gallery is basically a pop-up storefront. They’re placed close to the construction site / future location of a condo that doesn't yet exist. In these galleries, the employees share information and (hopefully) entice potential buyers into investing in the new development.

Here in Miami, heavy in high-rise construction, these galleries are a regular site. Inside, you’ll see a rendering of the new building — imagine a coffee table statue (this particular gallery’s rendering is 7 feet tall). There are elegant images of the inside and surrounding area. The developers’ sales people gather info from walk-ins (people like me), and angle to sell condo units before the building even opens.

Often, all the units in a building are sold to buyers before the construction is even complete. Sales galleries are literally “condominium stores.”

This sales gallery that we walked into is for a condo that will be opening across the street from the gallery. They have yet to break ground on construction. The building is scheduled to open in 2027.

In Miami, this is the timeline for selling buildings.

I happened to make eye contact with the woman at the front desk while walking by, pushing a stroller. She smiled and waved; I stopped and walked in. She told me that she had seen me walking by with my son a few times. I inquired about the building. She took my information, and gave me a brochure to take with me. I left.

You have seen brochures before. They may be four or five pages, sometimes longer, printed on glossy paper. You'll see nice pictures of whatever the brochure is promoting. You look through it, note any pertinent information, and get rid of it. Most brochures end up on the ground or in the trashcan right next to the place from whence they came.

This all happened two weeks ago. I still have the brochure from this condominium.

Not because it has any pertinent information. It’s mostly photos and renderings, selling the reader on Miami and the neighborhood around the building. I already live here. I don't need to be sold on the area.

I still have the brochure because this is not a normal brochure.

Actually, it is not a brochure at all. It is a physical, hardcover, full-color book.

The cover material is some sort of cloth, similar to what you’d see on the walls in an expensive house or high-end art gallery. This is not the typical book cover you could order on Amazon as a self-published author.

The interior is about 50 pages, all full color, with bright, vibrant images of Miami, other developments that this company has worked on, and many renderings of this new development.

I have written 35 books. I know what it costs to get a book printed. One print copy of my book The Third Day is $3.23. Knowing what I know, I estimate that each copy of this brochure/book cost the developer $75-$100. And they’re handing them out to anyone who walks into the gallery.

Let me stop right here and ask you a question.

How much do you think these condos cost?

How much would it cost for you to move in and live in one of these 1-4 bedroom condominiums?

Understand: Nowhere in the sales gallery are any prices listed. The brochure itself does not have prices. The smiling woman at the front desk of the sales gallery did not mention any numbers to me (she would have if I’d asked).

Just based on my description, having not experienced what I have experienced, and not seeing the book that I’ve described, what’s your guess?

I would bet you’ve guessed a million dollars-plus for one unit in the building.

You are correct (I went to their website and checked).

Now, here's the key.

How do we know?


Here’s the point: Every day, you let the world know your value by the way you present yourself. Your atmosphere, your energy, and the experience they have in dealing with you is communicating your value.

Everything that you put out is a representation of your value, even without you mentioning a number. Even without you speaking.

In the above-described situation, the brochure itself is telling you a lot.

“Don’t come here if your goal is saving money.”

“Only come if your goal is SPENDING money.”

For those of you who sell high-ticket offers: Wouldn’t it be great if your presentation communicated this without you having to say anything?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who came to you looking for your services was already predisposed to understand that you were not cheap, and that working with you would be a considerable financial investment?

Wouldn’t it be great if people showed up to you, already respecting the fact that they knew you were not cheap, so you didn’t have to waste time with people looking to save a few pennies?

It’s possible. It’s very doable. I just showed you an example of how it’s done.

You don’t need to sell condominiums to make this work for you. But, you DO need to pay attention to your presentation, and the experience people have with you, to start putting this to work.

When working with me personally in Work On Your Game University, you’ll learn presentation and atmosphere – which sets the tone and the expectations of what you’re about. It attracts (or repels) people based on who you want. And it’s all done intentionally.

Think if this would help your communications with people.
Consider how it would help your business.
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