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Your Next Job Is Watching

I went to a Miami Marlins game on Labor Day. Marlins stadium, which isn’t very large, was about 20% full, and half of that 20% were fans of the road team, my hometown Philadelphia Phillies.

While the Phillies are currently in a battle to make the National League Playoffs, the Marlins have the second worst record in the League. Their season, at least when it comes to Playoff contention, is essentially over. In the eyes of the casual sports fan, even a Marlins supporter, they have “nothing to play for.”

Except, they do.

This is Major League Baseball, the highest level of baseball that exists. All the best players from whatever country eventually come to the USA to play — for the competition, the attention, the money. MLB is for the best of the best in baseball.

The Marlins team sucks right now. Because of that, they’ll probably make some personnel changes between the end of this season and the start of the next season. Not everyone who’s on the team now will be there next Spring.

And that in itself IS the opportunity.

For Your Game
When you do anything on a competitive level — especially when you’re being paid — you’re always being evaluated. Every other MLB team employs scouts whose sole job is to identify possible additions to their team for the next season. So even though the Marlins aren’t good this season, some scout for, say, the LA Dodgers may see potential in a current Marlins player. Which means…

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