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Your Identity Is Your Weakness 🕵️

I heard someone who works in academics say this.

They were discussing how some people, who disagreed with the academic’s publicly-stated ideas, had challenged and questioned the academic's conclusions.

The academic retorted with the following.

“I’m a fucking college professor! Who are YOU to question ME!?”

It appears that this academic thought they were making a solid point. That’s up for debate.

Here’s what’s not debatable: In making this point, they exposed their weakness.

Paradoxical truth: The easiest way to identify a person’s insecurities is to listen to them brag.

Note their default defenses when challenged. Pay attention to how they respond to crises and uncertainty. Notice how they defend themselves and what “shields” they use when doing so.

When you observe life through this lens, people’s insecurities become obvious.

The more outwardly emotional the person, the more clear the exposure.

Insecurities are untapped weaknesses, hiding in plain sight.

This is most easily seen in the most bureaucratic spaces we know: Government, academia and corporate America.

People dedicate their entire lives to building careers in these spaces. Their identities are wrapped in their positions, and on how high up the ladder they’ve climbed.

Usually, these folks live in their bubbles; they mostly deal with others who are climbing the same ladders. And, outsiders who are impressed by their ascension. They tend to avoid the unimpressed who don't look up to them.

Take the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example.

A career politician, Hillary’s identity was / is wrapped in her climb up the political ladder. “Experience” was her strongest talking point throughout the campaign.

I don't know and have never met Hillary Clinton. But I could imagine her responding to a challenging question from me with something like, “who are you, with your little blog and books, to question ME, who's been in politics for XX years?”

Supporting evidence: Her “deplorables” comment re Trump supporters.

Trump expertly used Clinton’s identity against her. Called her “Crooked Hillary,” suggesting that her long career was built on corruption, and nullified her strength. Whether it’s true or not doesn't matter. It weakened her foundation.

Clinton’s “deplorables” comment exposed the nose-turned-up image Trump wanted to put on Hillary and other career politicians, while defending the blue collar, everyday American. It worked.

Now, with no more rungs to climb, and not enough time (or seemingly, willingness) to start another journey, Hillary’s career is essentially over.

This is the challenge of climbing a ladder and having your identity tied to your progress. If you get kicked off the ladder – or your climb is rendered worthless – who are you now?

You reach a “point of no return” where you have no choice but to do whatever it takes to stay on that ladder.

This is why politicians are corruptible.
Why academics avoid “outsider” questions that would expose their theories.

Why corporate people hate their jobs, coworkers and bosses, but keep working.

It’s your entire identity. Losing that means death.

Entrepreneurship is a different game.

The essence of our game is to NOT climb ladders, NOT follow rules, and NOT wait our turns.

This is why I tell business owners to not prioritize certifications and letters in their job titles. Those are ladders created by people who want to control your progress. The more resources (time, money) you put into climbing their ladders, the harder it is to step away from it. It’s now your identity.

Eventually, the ladder owns YOU.

The ladder controllers can and will use that weakness against you.

So, when your favorite politician wins an election, then comprises on his campaign promises, this is why.

When an academic publishes a book or study, but won’t converse publicly with their opponents, this is why.

When your corporate neighbor bitches about their job every time you see them, but they won’t quit and do something else, this is why.

These identities OWN you.

And they can and will be used against you.

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