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Your Habits Work For You. It May Be Time For Firing

Studies have shown that 85% of all our thoughts are habitual. Since we know that thoughts lead to actions, and actions to results, 85% of our results are sourced from habits. All of this means, if there is an outcome in your life you're not happy with, the source must be addressed.

Habits need to change for results to change.

Think of your habits as employees working in your factory. Your habits are well paid - your actions are their satisfaction. Your habits' suggestions reflect directly in your results. Habits have resulted in the way you look, the way you walk and talk. Habits led you to your friends and the circles you mingle in.

Here's the Question: is your factory producing 100% of the results you want?

If not, just like at any job where the results are suboptimal, change must occur. Only here there is no motivating or skill development for habits. They are what they are. The good news for you as the boss is, there is no HR department to go through.

Every single day, each employee (habit) in your factory faces an employee review. You assess whether this habit is helping or hurting your business. Remember that you're assessing a habit. Habits have fixed abilities. It cannot get any better or worse. There is no probationary period. You either keep paying it or fire it.

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