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Your Fear Of Focus...

Many people would admit that they need more focus. Some of those same people are actually afraid to focus, though. 
People say they need focus because they’re getting distracted by all the other stuff going on around them. They wish they could buckle down, focus on just one thing, and do that one thing to the max. 
Yet they’re afraid to focus because of FOMO — fear of missing out — of all the other stuff going on around them. There might be a better idea out there and they have to be alert, just in case, to catch it. 
That’s quite a conflict. 
There’s also the risk that comes with that buckling-down option. 
The risk is that, despite your buckling down and focusing, maybe you still don’t reach the goals you’ve set. Said another way: this is the risk that your best won’t be good enough. 
This is the fear that blocks people from focusing. 
Don’t feel bad if this describes you. Most people have this same fear. 

How do I know? 
Look around. How many people can you name who, from your perspective, have limited their focus to one area? 
Browse through some social media bios. What do you see? 
A grocery list of things that people do, things that may or may not have any connection to each other. 
An interesting coincidence is that, the more successful a person becomes, the harder it becomes to focus. 
All that success goes to your head. And, all of these new doors are now open to you. Why not take a peek inside? 
Before you know it, you’re so spread out that you forget where and how you started. 
So here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. 
Decide where you’ll plant your flag. 
Stop moving the flag every week. 
Stay in one place for long enough that people can associate your name with what you’re doing. Keep in mind that other people aren’t thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you — so this “long enough” period is probably longer than what you think it is. 
Focus on maximizing — your output (what you produce) and input (what you learn), your connections, your efficiency, your impact, your presence. 
If you’ve chosen wisely -- and get some luck and timing on your side, along with knowing some of the right people and asking yourself the right questions, results should follow. 
I should note: everything on this list can be manufactured. 
Knowing this, that’s the closest thing to a guarantee that I can give you in exchange for your focus. 

You in?
I’ve delivered over 50 MasterClasses explaining how to manufacture your choosing, luck, timing, relationships and question-asking. 
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