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You X 1,000

Your personal brand does not require you to fit some standard, be more like someone who already has the success you want, or stop doing something someone disapproves of.
I mean, you can have a brand that way, but it will never connect with people on the level that they truly believe you are who you present yourself as. You will never connect with people on the level that they feel like they know you when they've never even met you.
What people want, what they will really connect with, is You X 1,000. Sally Hogshead wrote an entire book on this.
Be more of yourself, it's the only way it will be real.
Show your flaws, we all have them.
Have some anti-fans, it gives your pro-fans something to fight against.
Don't mute your colors. If someone doesn't like the light your emanating, you're selling to the wrong buyers.

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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