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You're Talking To The Wrong People ❌🧍❌

Back in my basketball days, I did a lot of influencer deals with national brands.

I once did a brand activation campaign with Finish Line, the sneaker store. For some reason, they had to send me a check instead of doing a direct deposit.

As soon as I got the check in the mail, I went to do a mobile deposit with my bank.

Problem: The bank had a limit on how much they allowed for mobile deposits. My Finish Line check was for more than this dollar amount limit. And, this bank was a digital-only bank, with no physical locations.

So I was stuck with a check that I could not access the funds from.

My only remaining options were to —

1) Physically mail the check to my virtual bank (your only choice on their end when you have a check that’s for more than the daily mobile deposit limit)

2) Cash the check at Finish Line’s bank

Finish Line’s bank, a national company, was noted on the front of the check. That bank had many locations in South Florida.

I was in South Beach with the check, on my way north to Fort Lauderdale. I found a location in Sunny Isles Beach and stopped there to cash my check.

If you know anything about Sunny Isles Beach, you know that it is a heavily Russian area. This bank, true to form, had two older Russian women working at the teller counter.

They were not very helpful.

The woman I encountered did not want to do any work, let alone helping me. She noticed that I’d put my virtual bank’s account number on the back of the check (before I realized I couldn’t do a mobile deposit). She pointed out the account number, and declared that she could not do anything with the check.

After some light protest for me, I decided that it wasn’t worth the argument. I left, figuring I’d just find a different location with a more helpful customer service representative.

This same bank had another location in Fort Lauderdale, where I was headed anyway.

At the Fort Lauderdale location, a young guy in his twenties was working the counter. He took a look at my check, and noticed the company that had written it. He took a look at me — this was pre-business suit days, so I was in athletic gear — and asked me what kind of business I was doing with Finish Line.

(Also of note: This young bank teller actually knew who Finish Line was, as opposed to the unhelpful woman in Sunny Isles Beach.)

I told him that I was a pro basketball player / online influencer, had a basketball YouTube channel, and had done a brand deal with Finish Line. This greatly intrigued the young teller. He asked me more about myself. He looked up my YouTube channel and website. He told me he would look into my material.

Then he turned to the back of the check, and noticed my virtual bank account number – the same thing that the woman in Sunny Isles Beach had pointed out as a problem.

He grabbed his ink pen, and calmly crossed out the account number written on the back of the check.

“We’ll just cross that out.”

He cashed my check. I left the bank with the money in my pocket and a new fan.

The whole encounter took all of five minutes.


Sometimes, your problem is not as much of a problem as you think it is.

You’re just trying to get help from the wrong people. So it feels as if you’re walking into brick walls, and as if something is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with the answers you’re getting either. People aren't lying to you.

The thing is, you're asking the wrong questions – to the wrong people.

So no matter what they say, you’re stuck.

Which makes sense, when you understand things this way.

That’s why my superpower is not giving you information or answers (though I have a lot of both). It’s providing you INSIGHT: Asking better questions that lead to breakthroughs and a fast-track to your desired outcomes.

When you connect with the right person, all of a sudden, things get simple, clear, and easy.

That’s what I help you do in Work On Your Game University.

Join me here:

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