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"You're Dead To Me."

There will be people who don't buy into your vision.
There will be those who can't see you or your idea being successful.
There will be people who aren't fans of your work.
There will be some who were fans and aren't anymore. Maybe they'll come back. Maybe not.
Some people are just negative and will be against you for no good, logical reasons.
Fuck all of these people.
Your attention belongs to your current buyers and future buyers. The people who want to see you win. Those who believe in you and what you're doing. The moment you start looking at those who aren't buying, you're doing a disservice to your customers. And you start losing them.
Kevon O'Leary of Shark Tank fame makes offers to invest in companies on the show. If his offer is turned down, he removes himself form the discussion with his catchphrase:
"You're dead to me."

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