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You Only Need ONE. Stop Looking At The Crowd

I'm going to a basketball camp. How can I impress the coaches?

I want to have my business replace my full time income. How will I ever get enough customers?

I don't feel my brand can be taken seriously without at least a few thousand followers and subscribers. But I only have 15 so far!

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. 

When you're building your business, brand or career, looking up at the goals you've set may appear daunting. This is especially true when you start thinking you have to do it all right now. Even more so when you have the wrong idea completely of what your goal is.

Here are 3 principles to remember.

Athletes: You don't need to impress "the coaches" at exposure events. You need to impress ONE coach. You attend an exposure camp, and see 100 coaches, agents and managers in the stands. Does this make your nervous?
It shouldn't. How many teams can you play for at once?One. Which means, you don't need to impress everyone there. You need just one person to believe in you and help get you to that next step. Yeah, it would be great to win MVP and have everyone saying you're the best. But the MVP can only sign one contract, too - just like you.

Your job is to to YOUR best. Your best has nothing to do with anyone else there - on the court or off. Remember you only need one believer to advance your career.

Business: You acquire your customers one experience at a time. Each customer has her own unique experience with you. Even in an automated experience - in which you don not interact directly with your user - there is an experience. Your job is to make that experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.Because even though you may never meet or speak to her, your customer trusts you with her money. That trust contract carries expectations, and is made or broken via her experience. How many great experiences do you need to have before you tell someone about a business, product or service?How many bad experiences have you ever needed to have to know you would not come back to a business? Probably just one.
Branding & Social Media: You gain fans, followers and subscribers by delivering value with each communication with an audience. You can only communicate one thing at a time - or at least create one thing at a time. You mindset is, deliver the best possible value right now that I/we can. Do that every time, and your following will grow.
As more people receive this value, they will build your following for you, via word of mouth. Word of mouth is still the #1 method for spreading news - not social media.

Stop looking at all these people you need to impress, outdo or convince. They don't exist, anyway. Find one and make it your business to deliver to HIM.

[shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]Stop looking at all the people you need to impress, outdo or convince. Find one and deliver to HIM.[/shareable]

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