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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/You Don't Really Want Free Choice: You Would Never Choose
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You Don't Really Want Free Choice: You Would Never Choose

We don't like when we don't have choices. When something is put in front of us and we have no input on the options, that's a problem. We want some say in things. We want some options.

But then, give a person unlimited choice: You can do absolutely anything. 100% your choice, no restriction. This option paralyzes people. They don't know where to begin. It's like the story of the donkey who was dying of both thirst and hunger. There was water ten paces to his right and food ten paces to his left. The donkey dies trying to decide which to go for first.

People want to feel they have some say, but they still would like some structure to the choice at the same time. I want some freedom, but not all the freedom.

This is why more people prefer being employees than owners or CEOs. Too much freedom and choice and responsibility is paralyzing and downright scary.

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