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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/You Can When You Have To
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You Can When You Have To

Look at the closed, locked door of the place you live.

Could you knock it down using nothing more than your own body weight? Under normal circumstances, like when you're relaxed enough to read blog posts, probably not.

Now imagine your house was on fire and you were locked in. Or your kids or pet is inside with the fire and you're locked out.

Could you break down the door now? I'm 100% sure you could. When the desire and urgency levels are strong enough, humans become superhuman. There's pretty much nothing any of us couldn't do in that state.

Wouldn't you accomplish a lot more if you could permanently exist in that state? Sure you would. We all would.

The trick is getting yourself there through any means necessary, real or imagined, often enough to produce some real results for whatever it is you want from your life.

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