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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/You Can't Win 🥇 Without Tempting Loss 😢
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You Can't Win 🥇 Without Tempting Loss 😢

The best times of your life were the times when you stopped complying, following, and listening to “good advice” and did what the fuck you wanted to do – THEN proved yourself RIGHT.

Think of the times in your life when you have inspired yourself.

They all involved risk.

The key to a winning relationship is loving while knowing your heart is at risk.

A partner can cheat, leave you, or decide they no longer want to be there.

The key to entrepreneurial success is putting money into something from which you may not make your money back.

We have an ad campaign running now that’s several thousand dollars in, and hasn't yet produced a dollar in returns.

The key to successful boxing is staying close enough to your opponent to hit them — which means you risk getting hit yourself.

Move far enough away to not get hit, and you can’t land a punch.

The key to WINNING – in anything – is positioning yourself to where you can also LOSE. but you play anyway.

Circumstances that shield you from any possible loss have a trade-off: Your winning possibilities are limited.

Aiming to win while minimizing your chances of losing is called “hedging your bet.”

In the micro, this is possible and even preferable. Traders do it - “if the price of Stock X goes below $100, sell everything.”

In the big picture though, it’s why many people’s ceiling is mediocrity. They don't put enough on the line, without a hedge, to ever win big.

They don't sell out for the goal.
They never “burn the boats.”

They never position themselves to where there are only two outcomes – massive success and complete failure.

It’s easier to stay in the middle. Living in the middle makes for sound sleep and calm days.

It’s why most people are in the middle.

It’s also why the two most important assets for entrepreneurs have nothing to do with knowledge, skills or resources.

They are:

1) A Strong Stomach
2) Balls

You acquire these only by testing them. They are not born-with attributes.

With them, you can get all the knowledge, skills and resources you need and put them to work.

Without them, your knowledge, skills and resources are useless. How many smart and educated cowards do you know?

It’s a funny thing. When you have balls – metaphorically – most people will encourage you to NOT have them. To cut them off, comply, and just get along with everyone else.

They do this because most of the time, this advice WORKS.

Every human – each of you reading this – was born with metaphorical balls.

Your life experiences convince many to allow your balls to be cut off.

Hell, these days, people are being celebrated for cutting their (literal) balls off. Imagine it.

The world moves forward when people with balls let them swing.

Everyone else follows and complies with what those people want and decide.

If you’ve been castrated, I have good news: You can get your balls back.

It’s a choice.

The payment for having balls: You’re no longer allowed to be a pussy.

Join me in Work On Your Game University so you can grab your balls and be the person you've been hesitating to be. Time is of the essence.

Start here:

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