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Have you ever been to the zoo?

If not, you've seen pictures.

Right now – imagine an elephant. Yes, the large animal with the thick skin and long trunk.

Got it? Can you see it?

That’s how quickly thinking happens.


Nobody ever needs to “think about it.”

Maybe you need to count your money.
You need to figure out how you’ll make it work.
Or you need to talk to someone who’s involved in the decision.

But you don't need to think about it. You already thought about it.

“Think about it” = “I’m thinking about it right now, and I don't want to make a decision.”
Or, “The answer is NO, but I don't want to say that to you directly. So, please let me escape this conversation.”

Never accept “think about it.” It's a bullshit excuse people use to delay their lives.


You’re too slow.

You think slowly.

You act on decisions slowly.

You move from one task to the next too slowly.

You waste time every day on nonsense (read: Anything not directly related to your goals).

You use circumstances as excuses to “think about it” and add time to situations for no reason.

PROBLEM: You’ll be dead soon.

For real.

Your time is NOT unlimited. One day, it will be OVER.

By around 2:00 PM the afternoon of YOUR funeral, here’s what your friends and family will say…

“I’m hungry. Where are we going for lunch?”

You’ll be forgotten.


You KNOW there’s a circumstance in your life that’s not right. But you’re doing… nothing about it.


Because you've convinced yourself, consciously, that you “have time” to eventually get to it.

No, you don't have time.

Your subconscious mind knows this.

Thing is, the subsconscious can only speak to you when the conscious mind is quiet.

So you distract yourself with work, social media, YouTube, and the bullshit belief that if you keep doing the same stuff, things will be better. This keeps the conscious mind occupied and drowns out the truths from your subconscious.

Who are you fooling?

No one. Not even yourself.

If you’re done with the bullshit, schedule a call with me. Your life is on the clock.

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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