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Work On Your Game Content/You Are The YOU Expert, And Here's How To Exploit Your Expertise
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You Are The YOU Expert, And Here's How To Exploit Your Expertise

You want to create content and share your views with the public. Your biggest challenge is not knowing what to talk about. I'll present you with your best home-run, can't miss topic, in which you're The Wold's Leading Expert: Yourself.

Here are 3 reasons why You are your best topic.


All you have to do is tell your own story. No one knows your story as well as you. You're the only one who personally lived it. You know more of the details than anyone else. The only thing stoping you, really, is you not seeing value in your own experiences.Good news is, you don't have to see value in your own experiences to start sharing! Share them, and let other people see the value in them.
Sell your ups, relate with your downs. Your awards, victories, books, social media metrics, and famous person co-signs will get you listened to. People gather in large venues to hear respected and decorated people stand on stage and talk. We buy books written by those who have credentials which, by definition, makes them credible.And if you want people to listen to, watch, or read your stuff, you should also build a resume. Do things that other people are impressed by.Write a book, give a TED Talk, get a bunch of followers online, get some of your content to go viral. People respect this stuff, and will pay attention to you because of it.But people do NOT connect with you based off of this stuff.

Why? Because most people, unlike you, haven't achieved any of it!

Share your setbacks. Tell people about the times you felt like a failure. Let your audience know that you know what it feels like to be them. THIS is what allows you to build rapport with a bunch of people at the same time. Not your damn trophies. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Let your audience know that you know what it feels like to be them.[/shareable]

Earn people's respect with your achievements. Earn people's connection with your setbacks & failures. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Earn people's respect with your achievements. Earn people's connection with your setbacks & failures.[/shareable]

Invest in your competitive advantage, your #1 differentiator: You. Learn more, so you have more to share. Do more, so you have more stories & experiences to tell about and draw from. Become more, so you continue to be of value.The more value you wish to receive (in the form of esteem and money), the higher value you must deliver to the people who have what you want. In other words, the person you are today cannot command the value you want 5 years from now. You must become that person.The only way to do so is to invest in yourself. This doesn't require you to be rich or "making money already."Buy books with your beer money. Swap out music for podcasts sometimes. Read during what used to be TV time. Form mastermind alliances. Do things that make you a better person, and stop doing things that keep you the same. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Do things that make you a better person, and stop doing things that keep you the same.[/shareable]

You are already an expert on a topic at which you can never be beaten.

I know you don't know if anyone will care. If they don't, no harm done - no one cared to even notice your failure! But what if they do care? What if people immediately connect to your point of view? What if there are people out there, right now, whose lives would be changed from hearing your voice? What if you are missing that opportunity RIGHT NOW?

There's only one way to ever find out.

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