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Writing Isn’t Fun

I write every day. Doing anything every day is a lot, even if/when you’re —
Good at it
Getting paid for it
Having fun doing it
Used to doing it
Having an audience watching you do it
Whenever I tell people that I write everyday, such as for my blog, or that I’m an author, such as for my books, people tell me — and I mean every person says this — that they too want to write a blog or a book; usually both. But they haven’t yet began.
I ask why, and their reasons are the same reasons you have for not writing more.
Actually, it’s singular: the reason.
Time is a good reason to not write, the same way money is a good reason why people don’t buy the products and services that they’ve already told you that they want or need. It’s logical and reasonable, and logical people like you and me understand that people’s allotment of time and money are limited.
But it’s not the real reason.

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