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Write Your Book And Have It Published : Here's What Works...

“Buy A Game.”

That’s what my 8th grade buddy Brandon told me when I asked him for advice on improving at basketball. Taking that message to heart, Buy A Game morphed into what we now know as the Work On Your Game philosophy.

Ten years before Work On Your Game [The Book], and six years before launching my podcast, I wrote my first book, aptly titled “Buy A Game.” I gave it away for free (you can still grab it at and the feedback from my audience of 99% up-and-coming basketball players was overwhelmingly positive.

Buy A Game was simply my early basketball story, from when I first started, up through my college years. I enjoyed writing it, and didn’t think about it much (other than telling people to go download it) until years later when I learned how to record my own audiobooks.

The hidden benefit of making an audio version of your book is that you get to read your own book out loud. In doing so, you get a clear look at what parts of your writing don’t sound right and need editing. These days, I even started reading my articles out loud as a last check before sending them to publish.

When I read Buy A Game out loud for the audiobook version, I got smacked in the face with a realization: my writing was terrible in 2010.

I edited and polished the story, but I never felt embarrassed about the first version of Buy A Game. My story is still my story, and more importantly, I’d done it: I wrote the book and put it out. That’s more than 99% of would-be authors ever do.

26 additional books later (and with more on the way), I’ll tell you how to write your own, and how to be better than me your first time around.

Listen to episode #1417: “How To Write [And Publish] A Book” here:

Listen To The Episode Here

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