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Work On Your Game Content/confidence/Would You Like To Stop Beating Yourself Up And Feeling Like Sh*t?
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Would You Like To Stop Beating Yourself Up And Feeling Like Sh*t?

I looked at my phone. It was 12 noon.
I looked at my phone. It was 12 noon

And I’d accomplished nothing all day.
Well, not exactly “nothing.”
Had been on the phone battling with AT&T. Spoken with the credit card company. Helped Anna with something online. Updated some things on a website. Gotten to inbox zero.
But it all felt more “busy” than productive.
That’s an annoying feeling. And too many such days will make anyone feel like shit.
I didn’t write this to give you more “productivity tips” — there are plenty of listicles out there that’ll supply that, if that’s what you want.
I’m telling you this to let you know what even I, a person who’s known for producing a lot of several things, has these days too.
Because we’re all human.
So go ahead, be annoyed. Give yourself a pep talk to get your shit together. Make the rest of the day much better.
But, don’t beat yourself up about it.
Don’t go digging up reasons from your past that only confirm that you’re a fuck up.
Don’t go on Facebook or Instagram and look at everyone’s productivity highlights to make yourself feel worse.
Just chalk it up as a moment of humanity — because humans have flaws. One of these flaws is that we sometimes use time unproductively and have nothing to show for it.
Smile at it.

Smile at it.

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