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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Worrying Is Killing You: Let's Destroy It
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Worrying Is Killing You: Let's Destroy It

Worry is the most destructive and debilitating mental habit we have as humans. Many people engage in it and it literally weighs them down. Let's dissect this practice and see if we can take the firsts steps to putting it to rest for good.

What's the last thing you worried about (or are worrying about right now)? First we have to know where we're at. It's like buying an airline ticket; can't get anywhere if we are unsure where we are coming from.

Why are you worrying about it? Usually because there is some possible negative that will result, right? Ok then - so what is the worst-case outcome of this worrisome situation? What will happen to you if everything breaks as badly as possible?

Anything you can do about this now? The key to personal power is to take action on everything you have control over, and to ignore all the things you don't control. This worrying you're doing - do you have even one degree of control over the outcome? Yes? What can you do, right now, to influence it? Do it! Asking a better question of ourselves -- this one -- usually uncovers power that otherwise lies dormant in our minds.

If you have zero control (unlikely, but just in case), then just let it go.  What will be will be, and unless it literally kills you (even more unlikely), you will get through it. Right? I'm not saying it will be pleasant and comfortable, but it won't end your life.

That's all there is to worrying: do what you can and mentally eliminate the rest -- it's gonna happen anyway, no matter if you think about it or not, right? The shredded mental weight changes everything - how you walk, talk, think, and act. Amazing the powers you uncover when your mind is free of that excess baggage.

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