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Why Your Accomplishments Mean Absolutely NOTHING To Other People...

I scrolled through Instagram on a Wednesday morning and noticed that several posts — some of them ads, some regular feed posts — all had something in common: there was a person telling me about the great stuff THEY had done, as if to entice me to take some action.

This can work in some cases. But unless you’re Oprah Winfrey or The Rock (even for them too, actually), people aren’t moved by hearing you talk about yourself, no matter how great you are. They may be impressed — but being impressed doesn’t move people to take action.

The better way is to talk to people about what they stand to get by listening to / following / buying from you.

The point: Stop talking about yourself, unless it’s leading to something about your audience (which can be anywhere from 1 to an infinite number of people). No one cares about YOU.

What this means for you: speaking to peoples #1 concern — themselves — works best. Wouldn’t YOU stick around longer to hear a story about yourself than for a story about anyone else?

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