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Why You Only Need One...

Trying to get myself (back) into overseas basketball looked like a daunting task every time I looked at it.
I had an NCAA D3 background.
I was often without an agent.
There are thousands of professional basketball teams across the world.
There are 100 players trying to get hired for every one available job.
But that was it. That was the key thing I needed to remember.

**Every ONE available job.**

I didn’t need to convince every pro scout or agent or general manager that I was worthy of a contract. I just needed ONE team to think so.
If I had to go through 1,000 teams to find that one, I was willing to do so.
And that is exactly what I did.
Everything you’re doing works the same way.
There are billions of men and women walking this earth. Maybe you’re interested in several of them. But you can only date ONE at a time— maybe two at the most.
If your basketball team is losing by ten points, there are no 10-point shots. You make up the deficit by scoring ONE time, playing defense ONE time, and repeating.
If you publish online content, you’re not talking to 65 or 4,570 or 302,007 people in your posts. You’re talking to ONE person. EveryONE in your audience gets the message once.
How do you build a resume, CV or track record? By doing ONE thing that reflects well on you… then doing ONE more, and then another ONE.
In due time, your resume speaks for you. You don’t have to sell yourself anymore.
The magic number of success is, and will always be, ONE.
You can only be in ONE physical location at a time.
You can focus on only ONE thing at a time.
Your life goes by ONE day at a time.
The next time you look at your plate and see that there’s more on it than you think you can handle, ask yourself the following question.
“Can I take ONE bite?”
If yes, take the bite.
Then, ask again.
Take ONE more.
We get overwhelmed when our brains process more than our physical resources (time, energy, presence) can actually address.
Yes -- be aware of the big picture. Know what the overall goal is.
But, focus on the ONE.
Where in your life are you trying for the “many” where you need to be focusing on ONE at a time? Reply and let me know -- I read all responses.

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