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Why You Never Miss A Flight… ✈️⌚️

I had a 7AM flight on the morning I wrote this. I’m writing this from the plane.

Boarding was at 6:20 AM. I didn't check any bags, so I got to MIA Airport at 5:30. Plenty of time to spare. When I got to the gate, most of my fellow passengers were already there.

Why can’t we all be on time like this, all the time, for everything?

Well, there are reasons.

One, a flight is a not-usual situation.

We tend to respond to not-usual situations with not-usual energy and not-usual focus.

Getting to your office in the morning and going home, on the other hand, are routine.

So, you say you want to get to work by 7 AM, but stroll in at 7:12. You say you want to leave by 5 to be home for dinner, but here it is, 6:07 PM, and you’re still at your desk.

#1: You’re mentally activated.

Two, plane schedules are non-negotiable.

If you’re late for, say, a workout session at the gym, your personal trainer waits for you. They need the money.

If you’re late for a flight, the plane will leave your ass AND keep your money.

#2: You are held accountable to unbendable rules.

Three, usually we get on planes to go places and do things that we WANT to do.

Business opportunity.
Visiting family.

Even people who fly all the time are doing it because there’s a benefit on the other end of that flight.

I’m traveling on business today. Any other time, it’s for personal pleasure. Rarely am I on a plane for an obligation that I don't want to fulfill.

#3: You WANT to be there.

So, there you go.

When you're mentally engaged, held accountable and doing something that you WANT to do, dispcline, focus and punctuality just seem to magically happen.

These three elements represent the framework of a structure – a loose structure, but a structure nonetheless – and structure produces discipline.

Can structure and the resulting discipline help you do more and better business this year?

If so, let’s talk about you having me as your coach so you can stop letting opportunity, time and energy leak out of your system.

Schedule a time to connect here:

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