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Why You Need to WRITE ✍️

All foundational religious teachings, which the most important stuff we know about (even to those who aren't religious) are in TEXT format.

They are in the written word.

God didn’t put the Bible on YouTube.
The Torah is not disseminated in filtered photos.
The Koran / Qur'an isn't put on Instagram Reels to adjust to people's “short attention spans.”

Last I checked, college classes still have textbooks.

Academics build their resume by publishing written papers.

Every professional speaker with a $20,000-or-more keynote fee has a book to their name.

When the IRS needs to get in touch with you, it’s always via letter. Never a phone call (those are scams).

If you’re over age 30, you remember how marketers used to sell their stuff, pre-internet.

They’d send a 10-page PRINTED letter to your physical mailbox. Most of you would throw those away, right?

Guess who read them? The BUYERS.

How’d they buy it?

Grab their checkbooks, write a check, put it in the mail, and wait to get the product back, weeks later.

How good of a salesperson did those guys have to be, with no Apple Pay or 1-tap transactions?

Written material requires more serious commitment and discipline than video-watching. The written word requires your full attention. You cannot multitask reading written words like you multitask audio and video.

The written word is not as disposable as audio & video.

Notice a book that came out ten years ago is “new” to you, if you just heard about it.
But a YouTube video from last month is already “old.”

Here’s the other part: No one will pay you money if they haven't paid you attention.

If you’re in the thought leadership world (books / courses / coaching / speaking / intellectual property), people need to give you their TIME before they will ever give you MONEY.

Which means: Sure, make your 30-second videos. But make 30 MINUTE ones, too.

Make you little quote memes. AND, write captions that fill up all the allotted space and take a few minutes to read.

I write a lot for a reason. I’m looking for READERS.

If you won’t read my emails, you’re never joining my program.

Someone who can / will only absorb you in 30-to-90-second sound bites is not signing up for your program, either. They’re not your target person.

Asking people for more of their time is a great filter for your ideal clients.

It will save you from talking to a whole lot of the wrong people.

But, you need to create things that are worth asking for the time.

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