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Why You Keep Holding Onto Trash...

I move a lot. 
I’m not talking about physical activity and exercise (though that’s also true) I’m talking about changing residences, moving trucks, and security deposits. 
I recently moved again. This move makes 11 places in 11 years. 
One thing I like about moving is that when you move, you have to look through, organize and pack all of your shit. 
And, while sorting through your belongings, you realize (or get told) that some of your stuff is actual shit — shit that needs to find its way to the garbage rather than onto the moving truck. 
This is even more true when your new place is smaller than your old place and you have no choice but to create space. 
I happen to be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t hang onto material things and is quite anal about cleanliness and in-home organization. 
I’m no pack rat, but I was never on her level when it came to disposing of stuff. I’d keep things just to keep them, telling myself that I might “one day” use it again. 
Don’t tell me I’m the only one. 
When it comes to people, though, I’ve never had a problem moving on, discarding, or cutting off when the situation called for it. 
I know where it came from. 
I once heard a person pose the following idea: imagine that your current life — your work, your habits, your associates — remained exactly the same for the next 5 years. 

How would you feel about that? 
On the strength of that, I looked at the people that I was dealing with. 
I asked myself if my association with these people was making me better or worse. 
The great thing about the question is that, when it comes to people, the answer is always unambiguous. 
A person is either worth your time or they’re not. You don’t need time to think about it. 
I looked at my actions. My habits of thought. My goals. 
And I did what is one of the most freeing, you-have-to-do-it-at-least-once-to-understand things a human can do. 
I started throwing shit away. 
I got rid of people. 
Quit some habits. 
Eliminated some commitments. 
When I was done, there was a euphoric feeling of having cleared my mental cache. 
But that was followed by a slight feeling of panic. 

What if… I’ll one day need a favor from that person who I’ve never asked a favor from before? They’ve been pretty much useless to me for years… but, still. You never know! 
What if… that old habit was going to, one day, produce an actual result? I mean, it was doing less than nothing for me before… but, still. You never know! 
What if… I can never figure out how to think the “right” way that will make things work for me? What if my old way of thinking is simply as good as it gets? The old way wasn’t doing much for me… but, still. Maybe I should be grateful. 
Perhaps you know these feelings. 
But here’s the truth: You don’t need a lot of “think” time to know what to eliminate from your life. 
The problem with eliminating things is that it leaves an opening. A vacuum. Empty space. 
Most of us humans, we’d rather have a space full of garbage than an empty, unoccupied and unused space. 
This is why so few people change. It's not the “better” part that they’re afraid of. It’s the “in between” period after discarding the trash but before bringing in better stuff that scares them. 
The emptiness. 
So, most people just don’t change. 
Here’s the truth: you’re better off alone than in bad company. 
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And, there’s a special package I created that I’m offering only until December 31 for you to take advantage of. 

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