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Why I Pay To Be Where People Are

I like to take long walks on weekend mornings.

There’s a breakfast buffet spot that opened in my neighborhood in the last few months. I’d eaten there a few times as it’s on my walking route. I like it as it’s connected to a hotel and there’s a big seating space for lots of people. You never know who you might see or who might see you.

So I pay $21 for the buffet even though I don't even eat breakfast any other day of the week.

Last Sunday though, I considered ditching the breakfast buffet habit.

There’s a new place near my building that sells pre-cooked meals – the kind you’d get from a meal delivery service – for $7-8 apiece. I could grab one of those and be back home much faster, and for half the price.

But on my morning walk, habit got the best of me and went to the buffet again anyway.

I paid for the buffet and was grabbing my tray and dishes when one of the bus boys struck up a conversation.

He’d noticed my tattoos (I was in t-shirt and shorts on this walk, no suit). Seeing the “Work On Your Game” on my right bicep, he presumptively asked what sport I played. We got to talking about basketball, overseas, YouTube and the rest.

The guy at the register, who’d just taken my payment for the buffet, jumped in with us.

“Man, I knew I knew you from somewhere. You used to post all those basketball videos on YouTube!”

The three of us had a talk.

The guy from the register told me about his background and what he’s pursuing now outside of his day job. He told me how that b-ball content back in that day had helped him a lot. I made a new connection and new friend; maybe I won't have to pay the $21 for the buffet anymore 😀.


This isn't about $21, a buffet, or someone knowing you from YouTube. It’s about being where the people are, consistently and strategically, so luck can find you.

Luck can't find you sitting on the couch.
Luck can't find you eating lunch at home.
Luck can't find you if you “don't like people.”

The FASTEST and EASIEST way to advance in life is through connecting with people.

People who've gone where you’re going.
People who know what you don't know.
People who know WHO you don't know.
People who can easily do what you're trying hard to do.
People who know the shortcuts that can cut your timelines in HALF.
People who can make a phone call that you can’t (because you don't have the right number – or yours wouldn't get answered).

☝️You can’t get these from reading books or scrolling Facebook.
You get these by shaking hands and having conversations.
You get these by knowing people and being known.

This is why you need to go to where it’s at – paying your way in when necessary.

It pays you back.

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