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Why I’m Happy When I Get Fired...

Friendly’s restaurant fired me at 16.

I was scheduled for the closing shift, but left out of the back door at 11:52 to catch the last bus home. The manager on duty that night said he couldn’t trust me anymore. They never officially fired me — they just stopped scheduling me.

I got fired from Rita's Water Ice after that.

A manager claimed that the register was short of money, but they never said how much or actually asked me about it.

The movie theatre fired me after I cussed out a customer right in front of the manager.

Some women I dated fired me when they stopped returning my texts. I’ve fired some women; I tell them that we’d be better as friends and really mean it. But they never replied when I tried to stay in touch with them 😐.

I had a new assistant who started with me at the beginning of March. She wasn’t bad, but we weren’t the right match. I fired her.

All in the game.


It’s not a bad thing to get fired. Actually, it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to you… at that job and at that time.

When you get fired — from a job, a relationship, a team, an opportunity — you're literally being “let go.” Now you have the space to go find where you should be, since it’s clearly not that place that just sent you packing.

Getting fired, or doing the firing is exactly what we need sometimes to wake the hell up and move from a place that we don’t belong anyway. As creatures of habit and routine, most people stay in a place that’s less-than-ideal due to the forces of inertia. It’s easier to stay where you are than it is to get up and move.

If you’ve ever been fired, be happy: The world is telling you to move on.

I shared exactly why firing is a great thing in episode #1780: Someone Got Fired? Good!

Listen here:

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