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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/Why Good Ideas + Positive Intentions Will Leave You Broke
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Why Good Ideas + Positive Intentions Will Leave You Broke

Last Friday, as a favor to a friend, I took a call from a guy who’s an entrepreneur.

The guy wants to write books, sell products, courses, do coaching, etc. Similar to the stuff that I do.

We spoke for ten minutes. He asked several questions. ⅔ of them were bad questions (read: The answers would not lead to anything productive). I replaced the bad questions with better questions and filled him in on some things that I could tell (based on his questions) that he didn't know.

Despite my help in this conversation, here’s the truth: If we never speak again, and he continues on his current trajectory, this guy will be in the same place a year from now (and five years from now) that he's in today.


Because he doesn't know what he doesn't know.
He has goals and ideas, but no real game plan and no process (“keep trying” or “work hard[er]” is not a game plan).


Google and AI software has indexed 99% of the information in the known world. But it has a limitation.

It can only answer the question that you ask.

If you don't have the right questions, it doesn't matter what the answer is.

This is how you can have clear goals, great ideas, positive intentions… and shitty results. Your system is flawed. Your process is set up for failure.

Did you know that Napoleon Hill, author of the timeless classic Think And Grow Rich, was broke at the end of his career?

A reader of the book, W. Clement Stone, took the principles from Think And Grow Rich, applied them to his insurance business, and became rich. Stone actually employed Hill at the end of Hill’s career.

What was the difference between them?

Napoleon Hill had great ideas. He ended up broke.
W. Clement Stone had a great system. He ended up rich.

What do you have?

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