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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/🏗️ Why Construction Projects Get Done (And Yours Don't)
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🏗️ Why Construction Projects Get Done (And Yours Don't)

Miami is expanding vertically.

Everywhere around my neighborhood, there are construction projects of high-rise towers going up. Business. Residential. Hotels.

I don’t know a lot about construction, but here are a few things that I will assert – if you are in the construction business and I have these wrong, you can let me know.

ONE, Most of these projects will get completed as expected.

TWO, there is a full plan laid out – BEFORE the work begins – for what is to be done and how it will be done.

THREE, every person on the construction job has a specific role, specific tasks to be done, and they are held accountable for getting those things done in a timely fashion.

FOUR, there are penalties for every mistake.

Did I get those right?

How did I know this, with no experience in construction?

Because the principles of getting things done are universal. They apply in EVERY business.

Magic formula.

This is why, in construction, every job that starts – finishes.

Now, look at yourself, your business, and your situation.

How many jobs have you started that have not been completed?

Now, of those jobs that have not been completed, how many of them are missing points one, two, three or four?

Another magic formula. This one, for unfinished work.

If you want to get more done – actually COMPLETED – in your life or business, you need a full plan for doing so. Not just more motivation, inspiration, dedication, or hype.

You need an actual plan, which is what professionals always have.

A plan, which is what proceeds things getting started and completed.

A plan, which tells you what to do, when to do it, where to do it, why to do it, and how to do it – so there is no confusion, and no “think time” needed to proceed forward.

In other words, you need to professionalize your process.

Come into Work On Your Game University so that we can make your clear plan for what needs to be done, make sure it is getting done, and you can have more things COMPLETED, rather than just started.

Start here:

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