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Why College Was Necessary for Me (And Why It Wasn't)

With information being so widespread and easily accessible today, I often hear school-aged (high school college) people complain that school isn't useful for them. In some ways I agree -- I knew that my last 6 years of school (2 in high school and all of college) was something I just needed to survive and advance through so I could get to my real life.

That being said, college is useful -- and necessary -- for many reasons, depending on who you are. Here, I share the reasons why I did need college and the reasons I didn't.

Why I Needed College:
I wanted to be a professional basketball player. After high school, I wasn't good enough to be a pro -- so I needed to go to college to develop and get better. If you have similar ambition, there's a 99.9% chance that you need college too.
I needed to develop my People Skills. Talking to people, selling myself, getting my point across, listening, and dealing with people of different backgrounds. There wasn't a class to take or a major to major in for this. I just figured that developing people skills would happen for me if I was immersed in people. I was right.
Since college was optional, I knew I could learn from other people who were smart or at least had some spark of intention of getting there. At college, everyone was there by choice. So it was a super-subset of people who wanted to be more intelligent (not to say that those who skipped college weren't also).
I knew my life was taking me worldwide (didn't know how yet), so I needed to get around people from other places. My upbringing and home neighborhood didn't offer much diversity.
I needed to learn how to be an independent adult, and college was a free trial period with a safety net.
I wanted to party. College supplied my demand in full.
I wanted more sexual experience, and to fulfill my dream of sexing a girl who wasn't the same ethnicity as me. College seemed to have plenty opportunity for this. Done.

Why I Didn't Need College
I majored in Business (focus in Management & Marketing). My professors, for the most part, were not  experienced in the areas they were teaching. They had jobs as teachers! Which technically is business -- an exchange of money between people -- but not the kind I was after. I had only one entrepreneur teacher in college, for one semester and only once per week. He was much more entrepreneur than teacher, and I wasn't a good student. I think I passed with a D or a barely-C.
The (mostly useless) knowledge is not worth the price tag of college. The bubble will soon burst.
Remember how I said I went to college because I need to get better at basketball? I barely played anyway!
Everything I learned about what I'm doing now -- the internet, social media, sales, self-promoting -- was not offered as a course at Penn State Altoona.
Much of the aforementioned did not exist while I was in school, highlighting an issue: The curricula of college course doesn't advance fast enough to keep up with the world we live in and the speed things actually are changing. So you're being taught outdated information for an inflated price.
College is engineered to produce employees. All the employees I knew A) did not like their jobs, they tolerated them B) weren't rich and had no strategy or vehicle to become so and C) Had very little control over their lives. I knew I didn't want any of this, so I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Every single thing I've learned about being an entrepreneur was learned via reading, business seminars, talking to business owners, and life experience.

All this being said, you have a choice to make. Good luck.

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