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Who Told You You Can't Have Everything?

Compromise, giving up something to get something, and being content with more than what you had before are all virtuous ways of being. They all have their place in life.

Their place, as I see it, is in daily interactions with people.

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You Have the groceries, I have the money.
You merge in front of me, I get to the intersection 1.5 seconds later than I otherwise would have.
You give up your PDF, I give up my email address.

Life, as an overall mission for each of us, should have no such compromises.

Being professionally ambitious shouldn't mean you don't have friends or strong family relationships.
Lifting heavy weights doesn't preclude you from being flexible and having strong cardiovascular health.
Having a pretty girl or guy friend or spouse doesn't mean (s)he has to be void of substance outside of their looks.

We all can have it all. The world is one of abundance. Opportunity, money, and happiness are created by man and never in short supply.

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As kids, our parents told us to make Christmas lists for Santa Claus to evaluate and decide on. We were told that Santa would fulfill some of the list, but not all of it -- depending on our behavior throughout the year. Then we grow older and realize that Santa wasn't floating past the moon led by reindeer. Mom or dad or grandma were getting us what was on those lists.

And even though we now realize the whole thing was made up to control our behavior, we seem to live the rest of our lives as if selective Mr. Santa is still calling the shots for what we can have in life. Yes, you can have this one, but if you do, you won't get this one this year. You ok with that? I'll relay the message to Santa.

If you're reading this and you're old enough to know “Santa Claus” isn't real, I have news: Santa Claus is real. The person who can get you everything on your list - with no limitations - is not a jolly old white man with glasses (unless you indeed fit that description). It's you.

You don't have to compromise.
There need not be any trade-offs.
Getting one doesn't mean you lose another.

You're not a kid anymore, but we still make lists. Now, we just call them goals.

Your only limitation is in how much -- or how little -- you're willing to believe in Santa Claus.

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