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Who Owes You?

Probably no one.

Players come to me and complain about "not getting (their) chance" as if they have some written agreement with the universe that they have come to collect.

No one owes you anything unless it's stated in a written, signed, and binding contract.

A chance to prove you're good at a sport? That's not owed to you. Ever.

If you believe you're good, just go play wherever you are. Attention finds great things. If you have the goods, attention will find you like water seeks the lowest ground. Film yourself and post it online. Share it with people. Who needs to grant you that permission?

Some coach won't put you in the game or on his team? Go to another team. No other teams around? Then keep showing up for the one team that is around. Eventually you'll get your shot. Most people fire themselves before anyone has to banish them from showing up. Name a coach who's told you never come around here again? None, huh? OK, so you quit. Right?

The situation on your hands right now is your opportunity. It might not look like much, and it probably won't be easy. But it is an opportunity. If you are reading this, you woke up today -- that's 24 hours of opportunity.

Everything you do is a choice. You may not see it as a choice, but a choice it is. Choose.

So who owes you? You. You owe yourself.

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