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Who Motivation Is For

I’ve had mothers and sisters, girlfriends and aunts reach out to me. They’ve seen a video or heard a podcast or read a book of mine, and are in desperate need of a male figure to help a young man whom they see as in need.

My son got cut from the team and he’s been really down ever since.

My nephew is falling into the writing crowds and needs some sense talked into him.

My boyfriend wants to play overseas but won’t do anything to help himself.

Is there anything you can tell my brother to motivate him to understand how serious he has to be to make it in sports?

Sorry to hear that. If he can’t pick himself back up, he’s probably not cut out for this — there are sure to be future disappointments, and there won’t always be someone to pick him up.

He needs more than that. I’m sure you’ve tried this already. And since he doesn’t know me, he won’t be listening to me any more than he listens to you.

Then he won’t be playing. Anyone who won’t help himself to get a certain job probably doesn’t really want the job, and you’ve probably realized this already. Just by talking to me, you’re already doing too much.

Not really. If he wanted to make it, he’d already be motivated to work harder.

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