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While They Sleep

There was a 6-day super marathon happening in Australia. All the best runners in the country trained hard and came out for the first race day.

Imagine the surprise of the event organizers when an old guy in overalls and work boots showed up to enter the competition.

They asked if he was there for the race.


But... You're not dressed like a normal runner.

This will do.

Have you ever run a marathon before?


This is the longest race in Australia -- why start with this one?

I've always wanted to run one. And this race is the only one that fit on my calendar. I'm a farmer -- I eat all organic food, I live a healthy lifestyle, I think I can do it!


The race begins and all these young athletes take off. This old farmer starts... We wouldn't even call it "running". It was more of a shuffle. And quite slow.  The way the race is structured, people would run for 18 hours and sleep for 6, run for 18, sleep for 6, repeat for 6 days to complete the race.

This old guy was moving so slowly, though, that by the time he caught up to where everyone was sleeping, no one was there to tell him to go to sleep. So he just kept going.

This old farmer in overalls and boots ran for 5 1/2 straight days and broke the race record by 12.5 hours.

There are many lessons to be learned from this, but I'll focus on one: He kept going while they slept.

If you're behind in a race, there's a simple way to catch up and seize the lead. See when everyone ahead of you sleeps, and you run while they rest. String enough of those days/nights together, and you create a gulf between you and them -- this time with you out in front.

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