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Where NOT To Focus

Something might go wrong. 

Someone might not like me if I conduct myself this way. 

People may think I'm ____ if I change my mindset the way you suggested. 

No one has ever given me a chance

I heard the coach doesn't like ______. 

People are always hating! 

Focus works thusly: Whatever you pay attention to, you create. Not in that exact moment though: It all adds up over time. The life and mindset and reputation you have right now is an amalgamation of the habits you've had over the past 6 months, 5 years, 10 years.

And if your focus is always on what could go wrong, why you could fail, what someone else might say or not like, that perfectly explains why that's exactly what keeps happening to you.

Your "bad luck" is the focus you began last April manifesting itself today. The space between stimulus and result causes you to call it "luck." It's not luck. It's your focus coming back around to find you. I mean, that's what focus does, right? It finds its subject every time.

In grammar school I took English classes where we learned how to identify the Subject and the Verb in a sentence. Our focus always goes to the subject. Look at your sentences and examine the subjects.

How can I avoid nervousness? is a bad question. What's the focus of this inquiry? Nervousness. See why you keep getting nervous?

What can I do to be more confident? What's the focus there? See the difference?

Reframe your words and thoughts, results change -- because focus can only do what focus does: Find its subject.

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