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When You're Feeling Yourself Too Much

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has watched his career essentially end this week (it’s getting worse) after Forbes published an article detailing his comments from a private conference call earlier this year.

Prior to reading that article, I had only read the headlines on Twitter, which detailed all the positions Schnatter was either voluntarily or involuntarily vacating, all because he “had used the n-word on a private conference call.” I didn’t understand all the hoopla. Though I’m not OK with a white man using the n-word at any time, it’s especially foolish to do so around anyone he doesn’t know well enough to be sure they won’t make it public (like what happened here), it was noted that it was a private conference call, not a public conversation. Somebody snitched. I wondered why there was so much backlash coming to John over something said, at least as far as he knew, in private.

Then I read the article.

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