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When To Be Loud Vs. When To Be Silent...

If you're good at what you do, have a great offer for the public, or have an idea that needs to spread, you can’t afford to be quiet about it.
Humility won’t help. Sitting back and waiting to be “discovered” probably isn’t gonna work.
You need to make noise.
Market. Promote. Advertise. Interrupt. Shout from the rooftops.
You need to do something — anything — to court attention. Otherwise, your value will go unnoticed, underutilized and unknown.
Then, everybody loses: you lose because your value lies dormant. “They” lose because they still have the same problem and are still without your solution.
There are other times, though, when you need to STFU.
Any lawyer worth their hourly fee knows that it’s best to end a cross examination on a high point, when the witness has just put his foot in his mouth.
When you’ve won a competition, you don’t need to “spike the football” by talking junk to your defeated opponent. Your point has already been proven.
If the public has already decided that you’re the best, the champ, their hero, you don’t need to remind them of it. Just soak it in and be gracious.
Noise and silence are tools to be used strategically.
Neither is better than the other.
Neither to be used exclusively.
Each has its place.
Your job is to learn — and adjust accordingly — as to which is needed, how much, and when.

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