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Work On Your Game Content/basketball/ When A Celebrity Disappoints Us [Daily Game]
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When A Celebrity Disappoints Us [Daily Game]

This is the time of year when I stay up later than usual. The NBA Playoffs are down to their final four teams, and the Finals are starting next week. I stay up to watch the 8:30 and 9 PM Eastern-start-time games that decide the Conference Finals (I started watching around the Game 5s this year), and all of the Finals games, which always start a bit after 9 ET (gotta get that nationwide prime time audience; I’m looking forward to when I live in LA and all sports games are over by 10pm local time).

Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Celtics in Boston in a pivotal Game 5 of their series. The teams were tied 2-2; whomever wins 2 of the next 3 games goes on to the Finals. There are no throwaway games at this point, and every single possession matters.

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