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What You Do With Your Counter-Points...

A blogger named Seth Godin writes every day. His posts are really short, and they always make you think. 

Seth has been blogging for even longer than me. I recommend his latest book This Is Marketing to anyone working in the online space. 

Seth told a story of how, one April Fool’s day, he blogged that he was, after thousands of posts, fresh out of ideas and that his blog would be ending at that moment. 

What followed was really annoying to Seth. 

A bunch of Seth’s readers replied to his announcement with lists of ideas, topics for Seth to write about, in hopes of keeping Seth’s idea chest full. 

Seth was peeved about this audience response for the same reason that I’m not interested in audience-suggested content topics. 

People like Seth or myself publish not to merely entertain you — but to spark the creator within you to put yourself out there. 

Start YOUR blog. Record YOUR videos. Launch YOUR podcast. Create and sell YOUR products. 

Seth didn’t want anyone to gift him with ideas since the purpose of Seth’s work was to inspire them to create their own stuff. 

I don’t want topic ideas. There's a lot of things I could make great use of in life; ideas for another podcast episode is not one of them. 

Don't engage with your personal perspective on what I wrote in a past message — take that perspective and use it as the basis for your own content. 

A chapter in your next book. 

The through line of your next speech. 

Use what you hear / read / see from me or anyone else as a springboard for your own creations. I do this all the time — whether to build on a topic I agree with, or argue against one which I disagree with. 

Don’t limit your ideas to one-to-one conversations, and don’t remain the passive consumer who exists only in replies and comments. Get in front of a room and give what you have to your audience. 

That’s where your ideas should go. That’s where they have the chance to make an impact. 

The Super You is about utilizing your courage in putting yourself out there. Get The Super You as part of the Bulletproof Bundle here:

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