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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/ What To Do When You're Feeling Discouraged
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What To Do When You're Feeling Discouraged

The next time you're feeling discouraged, here's what you do.
Find someone who is feeling the same way. Someone who's self-esteem is low and may be questioning everything about themselves.
Motivate that person. You've been hired as a coach or motivational speaker to get your companion going.
You job is not done until that person has a fire lit under them. Do what you have to do.
Without even trying, you've successfully motivated yourself!
The laws of the universe say, you get back what you put out. Some call it karma. When you need inspiration, inspire someone else. When you want to make money, help someone else make money. The energy will find you in return.
Whenever you need things and have an energy of neediness, you're chasing. Whatever you chase, runs away from you.
"Abundance knows there is always more." 

When you seek to give to others, you have a spirit of abundance. Abundance knows there is always more. Which is why you're not apprehensive about giving - you know you'll get again. If you felt you needed something and then started giving it, guess what? You had it all along.

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