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What Really Matters

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has been under private investigation, presumably to discover the exact extent of his knowledge of the fact that one of Meyer’s (now former) assistant coaches, Zach Smith, had been physically abusing his wife Courtney.

Smith was fired after a laid-off ESPN writer broke the story with a Facebook-post-article. Meyer had claimed from the beginning that he knew nothing of his assistant coach’s abusive relationship, which would thus absolve Meyer of doing anything about it — such as firing Smith for his actions.

The investigation concluded with Meyer and the school’s Athletic Director being suspended for the first three games of the upcoming college football season.

At the press conference announcing the suspensions, Meyer was asked if he had anything to say to the victim in all of this, the abused woman whose request for a protective order started the entire situation, Courtney Smith.

Meyer: “Well, I have a message for everyone involved in this. I’m sorry we’re in this situation. And, um ... I’m just sorry we’re in this situation.”

Power and money wins, again.

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