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What I'd Tell My Younger Self... 👨‍👦

Everything I say, in every single message that I put out.

Articles. Videos. Podcasts.

And, I wouldn’t need to go back 20 years to talk to my younger self. Neither do you.

Your “younger self” was an hour ago.

Remember: We are all “on the clock.” While time (hopefully) goes on forever, it does not go on forever for any individual. We all die. Our time ends.

Which means, with every passing minute, you are one minute closer to death. Which means, every time you learn something new and useful, you should wish that you knew that yesterday, three weeks ago, or 10 years ago. Your younger self is every minute you’ve lived that isn’t right now.

All this urgency and shortness of time stuff that I talk about? I wish I had been thinking about it 20 years ago. I would've gotten more done.

Everything I know about marketing and sales, business and money?
I wish I knew it 10 years ago. I would have more money and a bigger business now.

Whatever I learned in the book that I’m reading today?
I wish I had started the book a day sooner.

If you are a growth-focused individual like I am, then you are always getting better, smarter, more efficient. So every day is an improvement on the previous day. Every single thing you learn or get better at, you could have used earlier. The cycle never ends until you stop trying.

So, if you ever want to know what Dre Baldwin would tell his younger self, read, listen to, or watch anything I’ve ever published.

Whatever you see is the answer.

Speaking of improvement, Work On Your Game University is the place where it all goes down. Join us there so you can have me as your direct, personal coach, and we can take your game to the level you need it to be – while you still have time to get there.

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