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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/What common mistakes should all new podcasters avoid?
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What common mistakes should all new podcasters avoid?

A question I answered on Quora: What common mistakes should all new podcasters avoid?


Don’t have a wack-ass show. This will bury you faster and deeper than anything else.
Don’t post sporadically. Find a schedule you can stick to. I get annoyed of a favorite show of mine doesn’t have a new episode when I’m expecting it.
Don’t record in a room with a lot of echo or any non-show noises. Podcasts, the audio-only ones, are sound-only; if it doesn’t sound good, there are no visuals or text to make up for it.
Don’t go cheap or amateur on production. Learn how, or hire for, audio mastering that sounds professional. See above explanation.
Don’t ignore podcast art; it’s how people make snap decisions about the quality of your show. Use Canva, or hire someone to make something for you (99 Designs).
Don’t have a podcast just because it’s the hot thing (many have violated this principle in 2018). Start a podcast because you can’t not start a podcast, if you know what I’m saying.
Don’t copy someone else’s format, topics or theme. You’ll never outdo them at their stuff, and you’re wasting your time in mimicry. Speak on what’s true to you. If you can’t figure out what that is without looking at others, you shouldn’t have a podcast in the first place.

#725: How To Start - And Maintain - A Podcast [WOYG Podcast] | Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game Inc.

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