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What College Major To Get The Best Job?

Wat should I major in in college to best position myself for a good job?

Someone snapped me this question today. This is a really bad question.

Not because I hate jobs; I covered that in detail on my podcast. This question sucks because --

The target is wrong. A good job is cool to have, but how about doing what you actually want to do? He didn't ask about a certain type of job or field of work. I fear this person has been brainwashed to the "good job" mentality.
This young man is asking me what to do with the next 4 years of his life. He needs to be deciding on his own. He's 17-18 years old; time to start making decisions for your life. This is what college is: a transitional environment for youth to become adults. Adults make decisions. Think for yourself.
That "good job" might fire you, or even worse, not even hire you. You invested 4 years into positioning yourself for this job - and they don't want you. Or maybe they wanted you, then changed their minds after 2 years. What do you have to show for that 4 years and $XXX price tag?

Here's what you should major in in college.

Personal development. Make yourself smarter and more valuable. Do not depend on your professors for this; it's not their job. The job of a professor is to teach the material and get you to prove you "know" it.  Good News: personal development is easy to get. Podcasts, books, and seminars are a good way to start. Bad news: You don't need to attend college for this. So if your already there, use the next points for maximum use of your investment.

Relationships. Make friends with as many people as possible. Get to know people who are not like you or your friends - in race, religion, interests. Learn to hold an intelligent conversation. Take up leadership of some group.
Testing things out. Get an internship in the job you think would be great. Maybe it's not as good as you thought it was. Talk to your associates about what they plan to do; you'll hear an idea you've never considered. Ask people what they think you would be great at and you will receive valuable insight.

If you're in or headed to college, position yourself as the most valuable person you can possibly be. That's your job for the next 4 years. Do this right, and you can choose your job. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Position yourself as the most valuable person you can possibly be.[/shareable]

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