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What Avoiding Success Does For You

We all have heard of fear of failure. And what is this fear of success thing? I've addressed that.
A lot of people actively avoid success. Take this short quiz and answer if you ever:
Don't do what you know needs to be done, knowing that you're not doing it?
Pass on opportunities that would improve your position in life or business?
Spend an inordinate amount of time preparing as compared to time spent executing?
Make "not ready" excuses while passing on a chance to take action?

Here's what avoiding success does for you:

Frees you from having to do it again. Success needs to be repeated to prove it was real the first time. And the second and third times. When you avoid success, there will be no expectations on you since you haven't done anything.
Keeps the attention that comes with success off of you. People watch success. It's attractive to us. We want to know how he did it. We want to see what she does next. When you're not having any success, no one will watch you. Which allows you to...
Allows you to continue living in the anonymity of average. Average people gather to watch, admire, hate on, and debate about the successful people. Which group do you wish to be a part of?
[shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]Average people gather to watch, admire, hate on, and debate about the successful people.[/shareable]

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[reminder]Do you find yourself actively avoiding success? Leave it in the comments and let's see how you can be helped. [/reminder]

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