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What Are Your Thoughts…

I started creating so much content because I was simply answering the questions people would ask, or the questions they didn’t even know they had based on their challenges. I think I’ve covered damn near everything by now. Now, when someone emails or DMs me asking if they can ask a question (or they just come out with it), I either

Don’t reply, or
Tell them that if they have a question that hasn’t been covered already, I’ll be happy to address it.

B has worked well.

Sometimes I get a semi-question that’s formatted thusly: What are your thoughts on ________?

When someone’s asking this, they haven’t thought about it yet themselves. I may have no thoughts at all on the topic; I may have never even considered it— and I don’t need to, since I’m not the one asking the question. But if you’re asking, you should have some thoughts.

If not, well, there’s your answer.


Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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