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We Saw It

I have a neighbor who I often see around.

The guy is tall, maybe 6’4”, fair skinned (possibly European; I heard him talking once and it wasn’t English), and seems to be in his late 30s or early 40s. When I sit outside at the Starbucks next door to our building, he always comes by to get his daily fix (side note: the number of people who drink this stuff every single day is shocking). Besides this man’s height, the other thing that stands out about him are his bright white sneakers, which he often wears untied. He has a young daughter who he once brought on his daily Starbucks trip.

I’m not always outside, but today I was, and saw him coming to his usual coffee shop. But he wasn’t walking today; he pulled up in his car.

He was driving a BMW something (forgive my lack of car knowledge), a sleek 2-door vehicle that had either no back seats or very small back seats. It had the wing-thing on the back, which I think is called a spoiler, a really big one at that, that looked like a wing.

Based on what I saw next from my neighbor, the car seemed the quintessential aging-but-remember-your-coolness ride.

Though the parking spaces were open and easy-access, BMW pulled up not even to the curb, stopping in the middle of the road and hopping out for the valet to park the car. He walked in to get his Starbucks, took a seat outside to drink it, then got back in his BMW.

I watched him drive the 30 feet to the parking garage and turn into it.

For Your Game
Let me first play devil's advocate against my own observations. The guy was obviously coming from somewhere, and maybe he didn’t want to drive up to his parking spot in the garage and come all the way back down to where he already was at, which was Starbucks. Maybe he was in a rush. Maybe he needed to use the restroom. Let’s not think the worst of people (if you’d even want to call it that).

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