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We'll Give You Quality Product ... For An Extra Fee

I was on a flight last week with Delta Airlines. During online check-in, I clicked on the seat change options and looked at my choices for other seats on the plane.

Delta has a first class section, and then another section at the front of economy class that were called "Delta Comfort". According to the description, Delta Comfort seats come with "extra leg room", "superior snacks", and you get to be first on the plane. And the seat upgrade was $29.

I understand that airlines have to squeeze as many seats as possible into their planes, and first class seating has been around for a while. But the name of the section is not a good look. Shouldn't all seats be "comfortable"? Do they give everyone else the shitty snacks because they "only" paid for a regular ticket? It's not like anyone on the plane is freeloading off of Delta, after all.

Delta is creating more classes of passengers in order to charge fees for "upgrades" which aren't really upgrades -- its quality service and product that they should be giving anyway. Maybe an airline should try doing the opposite: Making every seat comfortable, giving everyone ample leg room and superior snacks. The contrast between that airline and everyone else would make them stand out and draw a lot of customers just for the experience.

Does this airline exist? I should start it then.

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