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Work On Your Game Content/Daily Game/We DON'T Have To Keep It Short
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We DON'T Have To Keep It Short

A guy emailed me. He wanted me to appear on his podcast. I almost always say yes to interviews, as long as the show or website looks credible and the person is trying, and I said yes to this one. The host asked me if we could have a preliminary chat by phone before setting the actual interview date. I agreed.

We talked for a couple of minutes about some surface, background stuff, before I cut to the chase of his show: When, where, why (what it is he wanted to focus on and talk about). He answered the questions and we agreed on a date. I asked him how long he expected the interview to run. He told me that he will take only 15-20 minutes of my time.

I told him that a 15-20 minute interview wasn’t worth the time— mine, his, or the listeners’. I’d rather we talk for an hour.

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