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Watch Your Posture

When I was around 10-12 years old, my mother would always grab my shoulder sand straighten them up, and tell me to hold my head up more. She would say, "you don't want to be hunched over like an old man, do you?" She was helping me with my posture.
Today, I notice my posture all the time, enough that it feels weird when I'm not standing or sitting properly. I also know a woman who, every time she sees me, compliments me on my posture. I have my mother to thank for this.
Many times in life, the only thing between you and the success you want is not the actions themselves, or the team you're trying out for or the product you're selling or its price or the prospect you're selling to. The bridge between here and there is your posture.
What's your energy -- that is, what expectations are you sending out ahead of yourself for the outcome of this event? Do you expect to win? Do you expect to lose? Are you expecting nothing or whatever?
You'll usually get it.
I used to be afraid of dogs when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. Every time I saw even the tiniest little dog, the dog would growl or bark at me. I was even "chased" once by a little Yorkie while stuffing pizza delivery menus in people's doors. Animals can sense fear and they immediately react to it. They also sense strength and will immediately fall in line. Today, I can see a dog and have it quickly following my commands, or at least giving me my space, even if it has never come across me before in it's life. Just a different energy.
The people you're dealing with -- be them coaches, hiring mangers, prospective customers, prospective love interests -- can tell, before you speak one word, what you expect the outcome to be. And they respond in kind.
So try expecting more success out of your day, your business and your life. I have an 8-week course called Bulletproof Mindset that will help you immensely with instilling this mentality.

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