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Want To Know The REAL Strategic Reason To Always Show Up...?

In my Hard Work Ain't Enough Masterclass (it’s free), I mention the element of timing.

Many people think “timing” means fortuitous things happening at fortuitous times. That can surely be part of it, but that kind of thing can’t be strategized for. Luck does matter when it comes to success, but planned luck isn’t actually luck.

Here’s your strategy for that planned luck that anyone can work: Showing up — but not just showing up anywhere at random times and hoping.

I’m talking about showing up at a handful of specific places ALL the time.

What places, though? Well, let’s work backwards.

Luck is said to happen when preparation meets opportunity. Based on where you want to be in your life, where’s the opportunity?

If you’re a model, it’s photoshoots and casting calls.

Writer? Google Docs or Wordpress.

Athlete? Some games to play in.

Community activist? A cause that people can rally behind.

The preparation part is your job to handle.

A prepared athlete who plays in a ton of games will eventually have a great game.

A seasoned writer who keeps writing is going to get a break that exposes them to the mainstream.

A professional model who keeps posing for photos is gonna get seen by someone who is somebody.

The skill and discipline of showing up, combined with a little bit of “homework” in sussing out where to show up, creates luck.

For the budding professional, you probably have a good idea of where you need to be and how you’d get there.

Let’s say you were teleported to the location right now. Are you prepared for the opportunity?

Luck never shines on the unprepared.

By the way, if you want or set yourself up to get “lucky,” you have to do the work up-front. That’s why I’m making my book The Mirror Of Motivation FREE for a limited time — get it so you can be ready for that life-changing opportunities that most people never even notice.

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